Ashley Ribblett

the damn artist herself
So! Let's keep this short and sweet and so we can get to the weird pictures I draw.

I'm Ashley, a 29yr old illustrator living in Lakewood. I sling coffee by day and do my dirty drawings at night.
I've done lots of different kinds of illustrations over the years (most recently illustrating my first ever comic for Graham Cracker Comics in Chicago!)  but as of late I've found a comfortable niche drawing pinups. 

If I'm drawing traditionally my weapons of choice are pencil, ink, marker or watercolor. I don't do much vector work so most of my digital illustration is done by way of tablet in my favorite program Paint Tool Sai and edited in Photoshop.

I also co-run the Cleveland Chapter of Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, an alternative style (think cabaret) life drawing group that meets once a month. If you're in the Cleveland area and are in the need to draw some curvy swervy dames, look us up!
(Obligatory links!)
email me if you'd like me to make some art for you!
Ok enough intro, art now please and thank you
Hulk & Iron Man hand drawn for Free Comic Book Day at Carol & John's/ink & marker
Black Widow & Thor hand drawn for Free Comic Book Day at Carol & John's/ink & marker
promo image for Drawn & Quartered VI 2014/Sai
the Merc with a pout/ Sai (done for Free Comic Book Day at Carol & John's)
Dr. Sketchy Akron Kong event/Sai & Illustrator CS5
Sunny: monster girl sticker series1/Sai
Even monsters are welcome when your home feels empty/Sai
Luna: monster girl sticker series1/Sai

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