Friday, June 20, 2014

They're coming for you, Peach!

There is plenty of art out there of zombie Super Mario Bros, but I was surprised to find so little of the characters actually surviving. C'mon guys, you don't think the guy who could defeat Bowser could survive an outbreak of zombie koopa troopas? If that little brat, Carl Grimes, can make it through the zombie apocalypse, Mario can do it and  kick serious koopa shell in the process. *Mic drop*

Original art is drawn with Micron pens on brown toned paper, and colored in Photoshop. The text was made in Illustrator. Everything was assembled in InDesign.

XO - Clare

I was fiddling with layers and kind of liked the look of the original drawing with just the blood and grit layer.

Ok for real this time, XO – Clare