Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shawny's back in action with the Rocketeer! (WIP)

Hello! It's Shawny. I know, I have been missing on the blog for a couple of weeks thanks to my summer job and computer woes. But I'm back and I come with goodies!

For this weeks challenge I did a sketchbook illustration that will eventually go into Illustrator. I wanted to show the rough sketch before cleaning it up and turning it into vector. Since I'm trying to draw more dudes, drawing the Rocketeer was perfect. But of course I had to add a pretty lady!

Close up!
This weekend I'll probably finish it completely and share it with next week's challenge!

Also, just to play catch up, I'll  be posting some of the other challenges I missed, right after the most recent weekly challenge till I'm all caught up!

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