Friday, July 18, 2014

Come get a taste of the ANIMAL NATION!

What's up Nerds, you're resident Badass has a special inside look at my comic book "PINK & NANOOK" for you! 

So what is Pink & Nanook all about?

Pink & Nanook (or Nani to her friends) are teenage anthropomorphic beings, 5th generation mutants in our human world. Anthro's have been growing in population rapidly and some have been adapting to our society while others have been banding together on their own in a quest for equality and freedom. Mankind is unsure what, when and why the anthro's are here. But they are, and they don't seem to be getting any fewer. 

So just add all that on top of being a freak of nature, teenage hormones, cultural hang-ups and every other curveball that life can throw you and being torn inside by the desire to embrace your natural animal desires or follow the laws of man.  Pink & Nani just want live, love and enjoy life. Good luck girls. There gonna need it. 

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