Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oddmall! Oddmall! Oddmall!

Have we mentioned we're going to be at Oddmall this weekend? Oh, you'd like to hear about it again?

What? Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird is a convention/fair for all things, art, craft, fandom, and fun. This is the first Hallowonderous Edition aaaaaaand the first 2 day long event. (Whaaaaaaat?) Yeah. It's gonna be awesome.

Who? Us. The Scribble Nerds. That's why you're here, right? That's right! The illustrious Scribble Nerds will be at Oddmall for all of your awesome artist made goods. We will have so much good stuff, it's silly to list it here. You'll need to see it all for yourself.

Where? It's being held in the John S. Knight Center in downtown Akron, OH next to the art museum (If that sweetens the pot for any of you high class types.) Here's a map to the center. When you get there, we will be across from the Other Oddmall stage (click the pic to get a closer look) in booths 200 and 212. That's right. There will be so much good stuff we need 2 booths!

When? November 1st and 2nd! The two days after Halloween! All Saints Day. Dia de los Muertos. National Bison Day. National Deep Fried Clams Day. National Vinegar Day. National Deviled Egg Day! All of these things could be celebrated with us at Oddmall! Doors open at 12 and you get kicked out at 6! 

Why? Why? WHY?? Because you love us more than anything in this world! The thought of not seeing us at our first convention as a group keeps you up at night and cleaves at your very soul! Or, you just want to see a bunch of cool stuff from cool vendors and performers.

DID WE MENTION IT'S FREEEEEEEEE? Because it is. There is no cover charge to get in and witness the madness. So, come on out and be ya bad self. Check out Oddmall's website for more info because there is so much more going on than what we mentioned.

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