Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We Ain't Fraid of No Ghosts!!!

What's Up Nerds! It's me the RBA, dropping Toon's like weights!

So as a Recap, if ya didn't know. I have a little comic book called "Pink & Nanook" that I am creating that stars two furry mutant chica's Pink Panthette and Nanook Bear. I am striving to have this book completed and in the publics hands come January 2015. Pink & Nanook Ink just celebrated its one year anniversary and I am now putting together the plans for 2015 to be even bigger, better and more badass then before!

So Nerds your treat is being first to learn that one of those new PANI products will be a Cosplay Print Series of faux magazine covers featuring my furtastic duo! These 14in. x 20in. beauties will be coming soon to the PANI online store ( and with me at conventions in the new year!!! Holla!!! Here come's "Tooner Illustrated!"

I hope you really like this Ghostbusters piece! Please let me know what ya think! I enjoy everyone's feedback! Peace till next week!

-HP3 (