Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Tribute for Armanda.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard. There is no real words, no way to express yourself when you lose someone dearly to you.

When I lost my father earlier this year, I went into a deep depression. Everything that brought me joy didn't and I felt myself falling into a hole that I could never get out. 

So I started to read. ALOT. When I was younger I loved quotes. I'd read anything that talked about overcoming obstacles and inspirational words of wisdom.  I'd write them all over my sketchbooks and journals. They brought me comfort and made me think of the important things that matter.  So I started to look for quotes and stories of loss and ended up finding ones that really stuck with me. Dealing with my father's death became easier once I started to focus on the memories rather than the loss.

So when it came to doing a tribute for Ashley's friend Armanda, I decided to go with something that brought me some comfort and helped me learn what is truly important after you lose someone.

These quote reminds us of what really matters, celebrating the life and remembering that even though they are gone, they are never truly loss to you. Their lives will continue through you and your memories of them.  Rest in peace, Armanda.


  1. The artwork is gorgeous and the message of it is truly beautiful, Shawny.

  2. Thanks so much I stumbled upon this googling my wife out of boredom. I saved many of the pieces your group made thanks. -Sean McCafferty (Armanda's husband)