Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fifth Element: Work In progress + Sketches.

Hey there! Just a little late sunday night post from Shawny!

Since this week's challenge was The Fifth Element, I was inspired to do a big illustration for it. 
So instead of having a finished piece, here is some of the sketches I've done. I'll eventually do a line drawing and then finish the rest in Illustrator. I've also included some sketches of other fifth element work that I'm currently working on as well!

This is my usual process when working on projects. Bunch of random sketches, then the rough, rough draft, where I make dumb notes! This usually works for me! 

Leeloo will be the next lady in my sweethearts project!

And finally I really love the Flight Stewardess' outfits in the movie, so here's a couple of sketches of them too!

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