Monday, December 8, 2014

Draw with us! Or the Krampus will come for you!

These kids didn't draw with us. We sicked the Krampus on them.

Scribble Nerds of the World, Assemble!

If you like our weekly challenges and want to join in the fun, then put pencil to paper and submit your great creations to be featured here on the blog! (Really! Check in on Friday to see your stuff)
All we need is a jpg of your art, your name, what challenge your submitting and(optionally) a brief statement telling a little about yourself, and your scribble. We're happy to link to your instagram, tumblr, whatever the kids are using these days. Send your submissions!

Our Friend Friday posts have been few and far between so far. We really want to see your take on our challenges. Give it a shot! Don't be shy. We want to show the world what our friends can do!

This week's challenge: Krampus

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