Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kaiju + Drax got back

Hey citizens! Ashley here playing catch up from last week so you get two goodies today!

last week was Guardians of the Galaxy and I scribbled a bootylicious Drax for ya during Drink N Draw:
jury's still out though on whether that crack is whack

this week is "Kaiju" or monster and my original sketch is a throw back now updated digitally with some bangin' color! I remember watching a documentary on PBS one time about the human brain and how it interprets images. What was really interesting is how the brain can't stand or is deeply unnerved by even the slightest discrepancy in normal facial features.

I think about that a lot sometimes

so here's a funny drawing about that!
name me ONE good taco joint in France

as always swing by my blarrrgh for more weird stuff!

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