Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm Clare! Illustrator, Geek, Tatted Up Jack of All Trades

Hi there! My name is Clare. I'm an artist from Cleveland, Ohio. By day, I design and illustrate bingo cards and games. By night, I freelance as an illustrator, artist and blogger with a zillion hobbies like making crazy pies and getting tattoos to name a few. It's a hectic lifestyle with very little time to take it easy, but it is what it is. Busy is fun!
Art for a bingo game I made
I work in vectors all day and sometimes for my freelance as well, but I have been getting back into traditional media lately. I've developed a fondness for markers and really want to hone my skills. A full set of Copic markers would amazing and wonderful, wouldn't it?
Done in Faber-Castell Pitt markers
My work usually ends up having a very cute feel to it. In college, my heart was set on being a children's book illustrator. A year working as a children's product designer made me reevaluate my goals. That is not to say I did not enjoy my creations, but I felt like I wanted my work to be something different. I always had a soft spot for cute art that had a second angle be it sexy, scary, or trippy. Chris Sanders, Junko Mizuno, 64 Colors and so many others inspired my ever still evolving "cute with an twist" style.
In the last few months, my art world has positively exploded as compared to before. While I don't have time to play video games anymore, (I miss Minecraft so bad) I spend my time at Drink and Draw, Dr. Sketchy (both Cleveland and Akron,) and any other art event I can work my way into. I'm loving every minute. I have found a great support group in my friends here and in the community.

Tonight I will be drawing in the Great Lakes Brewing Tasting Room for Comic Book Heritage Night, and tomorrow and Sunday I will be at Cleveland Concoction hawking my stickers and prints and doing sketches. I hope to see you this weekend!

You can find me here too:

My website
The Darling Apartment

XO - Clare

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