Thursday, May 29, 2014

Intro Post! Mark Laubenthal, Illustrator & Super Nerd

Hi all, Mark here.
Today's post is a quick "about me" and showcases some of my art!

I'm a digital illustrator who works in vector art, and I pay the bills by working freelance on children's products like coloring books, stickers and craft kits.  I also work on game-app projects occasionally as well.  The main thing I am known for in my work is my use of cute, quirky characters and a childlike sense of wonder.  I consider myself someone who really understands the concept of "cute" very well, and as such, my work is also often characterized by a "toy-like" feel.

As far as my personality/personal interests go, I'm a proud nerd, a hopeless romantic, a lover of all things cute, obsessed with toys and toy design, a huge fan of pop culture, and to top it all off, I also love to bake (almost exclusively cookies, because COOKIES).  I'm also super inspired by animals.

Here are a few of my pieces:

You can find me at the following:

Portfolio Website:

I also blog dessert recipes and art projects for:
The Darling Apartment

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