Friday, May 23, 2014

Its Adventure Time!!! 

This weeks challenge had the resident Badass parking his testosterone and sitting down to watch some Adventure Time from Cartoon Network and uh, yeah...I did it. Drew some stuff from it and then went outside to change the oil and lift heavy objects. 

The sketch cards were fun and a good warm up before diving into other work. I will have them for sale at Cleveland Concoction in sunny Cleveland (shocker) Ohio May 30th- June 1st! Clare and I will be on hand representing the Scribble Nerds!!! 

The second digital doodle was me taking a shot at one of my fave parody artists female rendition of AT characters. I don't even know there names, so don't ask. 

Happy Memorial Day! Don't forget to thank a Vet!!! 

You're Welcome! 

*mic drop*